Under-stairs Storage

One of the most under optimised storage potentials in most peoples home. My aim is to design and build you under-stairs storage that maximises your space and makes the most of all of the unusual areas available.

A great way to utilise your space is to do away with the traditional one door approach. But instead to incorporate drawers that can be accessed from the hallway, without the need to empty the cupboard to get to the items you require.

These become very useful for storing shoes and boots, while the taller sections can include hanging rails for jackets. And sections for vacuum cleaners, mops, ironing boards, brooms and taller items.

Creative Tools

Whether working in our workshop to keep intrusion into your life to a minimum, to in home installation with our best-in-class dust extraction system. We deliver a professional and high quality finished product.

Perfect Finishing

From concept to creation cleanliness, craftsmanship and an unparalleled finish are all very important. We respect people’s individual requirements, tastes and budget and use the best materials to suit their needs.

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